WATCH: NH man recalls being nearly struck by falling branch while clearing snow

A New Hampshire man is counting his blessings after he was nearly struck by a falling tree branch while clearing snow after a recent storm.

In a shocking moment caught on camera, Tal Hagbi says he was clearing snow from the stairs outside of his home when a large tree limb fell from above, bringing down along with it a thick pile of snow.

“It was terrifying,” he said. “Ten seconds before, I was right there at the spot where the branch fell.”

Hagbi said his wife and daughter watched the unexpected drop from the window.

“My wife she got so scared she started knocking on the window saying, ‘Come inside, come inside, it’s not safe for you to be outside,’” he said.

When he went to move the branch, Hagbi said he realized how dangerous the situation had been.

“When I moved it I realized if this branch hit me, that would be the end. I felt how heavy it was and the damage it did to the railing, so I feel really lucky right now.”

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