Need help keeping your healthy resolution? There’s an app for that

At the dawn of this month, a lot of us promised ourselves that we’d do better this year. For many, that meant fine-tuning, or overhauling, the way we eat, exercise and practice self care.

It’s time for a New Year’s resolutions check-in: how’s it going, and how can you get some help? Generally speaking, our motivation starts to fade as January wears on.

Whether you resolved to get better sleep, get in shape, eat more vegetables, or just walk more, there’s some new gear and great apps to keep you going and motivated.

First, things first: Sleep. There are all kinds of terrific meditation apps out there (like Calm), but if you’re having trouble getting to sleep at all, then have a look at Sleep Easy. It customizes a program for you based on your issue is (difficulty falling asleep; snoring; stress and anxiety; and so on) — and includes personalized sleep metrics to track your improvement. Its Insomnia Therapy in particular calms anxiety, reduces stress, helps you get deeper sleep, helps with headaches, making your waking hours far more pleasant. Free for the first month and then $47.99 per month. Download it at

Next, eating and moving. For a helping hand with nutrition and fitness, MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app and website that tracks both for you. You enter the food (with amounts) that you eat over the day — or the app lets you scan their barcodes — and the app employs its database of foods and their vitamins, minerals, and calories to keep you on top of how much you’re taking in every day.

Meanwhile, there are some big (and completely free) benefits from using exercise apps like Nike Training Club. During the pandemic, Nike made the app free and has kept it that way. It offers training workouts according to muscle groups (choose arms and shoulders, legs and butt, or core) or the fitness goal (strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance). It also lets you pick a workout based on intensity. (

Maybe one of your big goals is about circulation and light cardio, achievable by getting out for a walk everyday. In the winter, you need to bundle up a bit, and need a good, flexible fit for all that leg movement. Everyone’s calling Vuori the new Lululemon these days (I like both), and there’s no denying Vuori’s wide spectrum of design choices. One of the best pairs of workout and walking pants I’ve seen in a while is the Studio Flare ($98 on The high-rise fit means you won’t be pulling up your pants along you walk, the performance fabric wicks moisture for when you really get going (and sweating), and the flair leg is flattering and stylish, for when you meet friends for coffee at the cafe  afterwards.

Have you already given up and abandoned your new gym membership? Then move things home by splurging on a Hydrow (starting at $2,495 on — the cutting-edge tech rowing machine from the Boston-based company, designed by rowing experts. Friends swear by its smooth movements that feel like you’re actually gliding across water, and everyone touts the machine’s next-level stat display, calculations, and on-demand classes and friendly instructors — who you row along with in locations all over the world. Most of those classes take place on The Charles River in beautiful weather, so you can pretend you’re outside on dreary or snowy days, even when you’re in your own living room. It may be the most fun way to eradicate all those excuses for getting some movement into your day.

The Vuori Flare workout and walking pants feature a high-rise fit. (Photo courtesy


The Sleep Easy app customizes a program for you based on your sleep issue and includes sleep metrics to track your improvement. (Photo
For those trying to get a handle on healthier eating, the MyFitnessPal smartphone app and website tracks both fitness and nutrition. (Photo

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