Teen stabbed during fight over Orange Line seat

MBTA Transit Police say a verbal fight over seating on an Orange Line train led to a teen being stabbed.

Authorities said it happened as the train was approaching Back Bay Station on Tuesday afternoon. Transit Police Department Superintendent Richard Sullivan told 7NEWS the fight was verbal at first, and had been between two males, allegedly over one of them taking up more than one seat.

“The verbal altercation turned physical,” Sullivan said in a statement. “One of the participants produced either a knife or a box cutter and slashed the victim two times.”

Officials said the wounded teen needed medical attention after receiving two stab wounds to the chest.

He was later taken to a hospital for treatment and was expected to be OK, but allegedly had not been cooperating with officers, according to police.

Sullivan said the suspect, as well as a female companion, fled the scene after the incident.

Both Transit police and officers with the Boston Police Department could be seen investigating the incident further around 4 p.m.