Retired Miami-Dade Police detective testifies on 4th day in ‘Pillowcase Rapist’ trial

There was more tough testimony in the case of man who prosecutors are calling the “Pillowcase Rapist.” He is accused of assaulting dozens of women.

Sixty-three-year-old Robert Koehler is on trial for a rape that was part of a series of rapes in the 1980s, and whose DNA, prosecutors said, is linked to a particular case.

During the fourth day of testimony Tuesday, a retired Miami-Dade Police detective, who worked with the Sexual Battery Unit back in the 80s, took the stand.

He was asked about his knowledge of police corruption during that time and his role in the investigation of the “Pillowcase Rapist.”

The corruption questions where brought up by the prosecution a day after Koehler took the stand and told the jury he was innocent, abducted, kidnapped and framed by corrupt police.

“First thing I got was terrific pain I was in. I was naked in some kind of chair. I had a hood over my head. I received [electrical] shots over and over, felt the cocking of the mechanism with the gun right here to my temple,” Koehler said.

Also taking the stand Tuesday morning, was an expert on fingerprints who worked with the MDPD.