Mother, 2 children seriously injured after crash in Miami Gardens

A bad crash has sent a mother and two children to the hospital.

Surveillance video shows a car out of control and headed straight for danger, slamming into a parked SUV, causing a chain reaction crash of parked vehicles and then finally stopping at a light pole that came down.

It happened Monday night in the area of Northwest 22nd Avenue, near 162 street.

Neighbors said those inside the southbound car were a woman and two children, all of whom were severely injured.

The other vehicles hit were said to be empty.

“As soon as I heard the accident, I came out running to see if anybody needed help,” said Manuel Blanco, a nearby resident. “When we approach the car, we saw the two kids were all bloodied up. I took off my shirt to cover one of them up.”

Shorty after, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue airlifted the victims to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

On the scene, a large pole was seen down, as well as smashed vehicles on the street near homes, including one with a broken front fence.

Police closed Northwest 22nd Ave as Florida Power Line arrived to work on the area.

“The lady that was driving was sitting on her steering wheel, and her legs were all the way to the seat,” said Blanco. “With the help from my buddy here in the community, we took both of them out, and I took off my shirt to cover one.”

Neighbors told 7News the children seemed unresponsive.

The car that caused the accident has since been towed away.

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