Malik Kurdi of Exemplary Marketing Is Disrupting the App Development Space

The app industry has changed the dynamics in the world. An app can be the game-changer between an anonymous business and the global digital fame of the business. It is wise to ensure that the developers behind your application offer nothing but the best, which is what Exemplary Marketing does.

Malik Kurdi of Chicago, IL, started an app development company called Exemplary Marketing after he graduated from high school in 2015. His passion for solving problems made him a natural prodigy at coding. He managed to bypass traditional college and went straight into business for himself. Malik bootstrapped Exemplary Marketing from the ground up. He started by building an app for a single client, and now, at the young age of 25, Malik has already completed 145 builds and runs a successful company with over 100 employees across the US.

Exemplary Marketing is the place people go to bring their visions to reality. Malik works with a group of young techs, and this massive team of developers and designers enables the company to offer a full range of services, including application development and design. In the realm of applications, they do it all, ranging from robust web application development and automation to machine learning development. They have developed applications for businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small mom-and-pop shops.

In addition, Exemplary Marketing offers full services of end-to-end application development. They support their clients in bringing an app that fulfills their mission. Once the client comes to the team with an idea, they work with them to gain a complete understanding of their vision and the purpose the app will serve. They map out the workflow and present it to the client to ensure everyone is on the same page. The team then uses lateral thinking to construct all the components of the app. When a client commissions them to develop an app that tracks deliveries and their efficiency, the team will break down every possible solution to the problem to get to the best answer. Once they find the answer, they start building the application, sometimes going through multiple interactions to reach the best end product. Once the app is finished, Exemplary Marketing assists with launching and marketing.

“What sets us apart is we’re young, we’re a young team, and we’re energetic. And we know what people like; we know what people want. In our design, we’re very good at bringing your idea to reality,” shares Malik. Their youthful nature gives them an edge over other competitors in the developer’s space as they are at par with changes in technology and are aware of current industry trends.

The Exemplary Marketing team leaves no stone unturned in developing cutting-edge apps and services that meet the needs and requirements of their clients. They work as a unit and help you accomplish your goals by creating high-end mobile applications that can grow your business. The company is making a difference in the app development space, and it’s just the right team to go to for all your app development solutions. With their cutting-edge skills and experience, Exemplary Marketing team can help turn your dream into reality.

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