‘It’s Life Or Death’: Multiple Efforts Underway In North Texas To Get Homeless Out Of Frigid Temps

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – With temperatures in the 20s and freezing rain expected overnight into Thursday, Feb. 24, everyone needs a safe, warm place to stay.

On Wednesday night, organizations in North Texas were working around the clock to help the homeless.

“It’s life or death you know. If we weren’t here, then people would have a good chance of dying,” Salvation Army of Plano’s Lt. Michael Cain said.

More than 100 people will be staying at their headquarters with access to warm clothing, meals, showers and a place to sleep.

Their volunteers, as well as police and fire, will be working late into the night to give rides to those in need.

“We’re going to be open 72 hours nonstop so it is a big undertaking, but we do have community support,” Cain said.

In Dallas, Our Calling says so far 400 people have come through their doors.

About 250 will be taken to nearby shelters set up by the City of Dallas.

“Now the focus is life support,” CEO Wayne Walker said. “How do we keep people healthy when it’s going to be 18° of wind chill tonight and 100% chance of rain?”

Our Calling and Dallas Police are offering rides overnight.

Dallas Fire-Rescue is also running two non-emergency rescue units Wednesday and Thursday.

They’re asking anyone who sees a homeless encampment to report it to the Our Calling app so they can try to help.

They’re also in need of volunteers.

Both the Salvation Army and Our Calling say if you know someone that needs a ride overnight, call police and they can organize it.